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Hi, I’m Andrew, an indie dev and the only guy who's working on Find. Here's some resources that could be helpful if you'd like to write about the app!

If you have any questions, I'm always available on Twitter or email.

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Find is a modern photo manager makes browsing photos easier. Search your photos by date, time, objects, and more. Make Smart Albums that update themselves automatically. Tag your photos for better organization. Customize how your photos are displayed with pro-level settings.

All processes happen completely offline, unless you store photos on iCloud — in which case, Find fetches them through Apple’s developer APIs. Find builds off your device’s photo library, so no internet connection is required.

Find is a free app. It has no ads, subscriptions, or in-app purchases.


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About the Developer

I’m Andrew Zheng, a student from the SF Bay Area. Find is my first and most fully-featured app. I originally built it to help out with school, but I think it’s gotten to be pretty useful for stuff beyond that. You can check out the whole story in the What's New page.

Besides coding, I like to watch anime and play the piano. Here's an interview with Indie Dev Monday if you'd to learn more about me:

Feel free to contact me anytime on Twitter, reddit, or email.

- Andrew